Finals are Coming

Can you feel that weird mix of stress, relief, anticipation, and worry? It can only mean one thing–that finals are coming soon and there is a major break on the horizon. Fairmont Prep students are coming up on quiet days next week where no new tests or assignments are given. Students are given the chance to review for their finals in all of their courses and to turn in those last few assignments they somehow “forgot.” Teachers are putting the last touches on their finals and finalizing the grading on those last papers they the somehow “forgot.” It is a time for those end of the year parties and gatherings to be able to take a break from the little bit of chaos that a student can feel.

So how can students ensure that they will do the best they can on their finals? We love a good list, so let’s start one, shall we?

  1. Relax. It’s tough, we get it. But freaking yourself out about it is not going to help.
  2. Trust in yourself. You’ve been in that class all semester. You’ve done the homework. You listened to the teachings. You’ve got this!
  3. Be mindful of yourself. Is an extra hour of studying worth not sleeping? It seems unlikely.
  4. Rest and be rested. Taking a test on no sleep is not a good idea. Go about your regular routine.
  5. Ask for help. This is the last chance you have to get clarification from your teachers, so go ask them questions.
  6. Work in groups. Create study groups–others may have a good way to remember something or can explain it in a different way. Remember that you are not competing with your peers here.
  7. Don’t get stuck on the things you don’t know. Move on to the things you do know and come back to the ones that are stumping you. No worth losing potential points by trying to solve something impossible.
  8. Breathe! It will be over soon. Just breathe.

And once it is all done, go out and celebrate. Treat yourself a little bit, you’ve earned. Good luck out there Huskies!

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Shelby Wagner - 1st Grade Teacher Fairmont Historic AnaheimTop Teacher & Skating Champion
Shelby “My favorite part of being a teacher is the children I get to teach.”
  • Is one of the head teachers for the Fountain Valley Artistic Skating Club, teaching regional and national champions. She also teaches beginner classes every Saturday morning.
  • Every year, her students are amazed to find that their teacher has a life outside of the classroom.
“I love feeling like I’m part of a family [at Fairmont].”
Keira Kamath - 5th Grade Fairmont Anaheim HillsScience & Tennis Superstar
keira “I like how there are so many different specialty classes at Fairmont Anaheim Hills, like art, music, PE, science lab, computer lab, and Spanish.”
  • She would like to be a professional tennis player when she grows up, or maybe a doctor.
  • Loves dance and plays the piano
  • Her favorite class is science “because you get to figure out stuff, and I like to do experiments.”
Nicholas Aghaian - 7th Grade Fairmont Historic AnaheimKicking His Way to Med School
nicolas“The teachers and the amount of support they provide to not only me, but to the whole entire community here at Fairmont is probably what I like most about attending Fairmont Historic Anaheim.”
  • He would like to be a professional soccer player, or a doctor specializing in the field of sports medicine.
  • Enjoys basketball, piano, and soccer pitch.
  • His favorite subject is math “because I like to be challenged, and math is full of challenges.”
Gianluca De Gregoris – 2nd Grade Fairmont North TustinDancing Toward Greatness
dancing"What I like most about Fairmont is that I get to learn and meet new friends.”
  • He wants to be a professional dancer when he grows up.
  • Is trained in ballet and ballroom dancing.
  • Loves writing and creating new stories.
Nicole Heyman - Kindergarten Teacher Fairmont Anaheim HillsLaying a Foundation for Lifelong Learning
Nicole "The best part about teaching at Fairmont is being able to work with a diverse group of students who are all incredibly talented. It is amazing to be able to challenge students at such a young age and watch these children grow throughout the year.”
  • Loves camping, reading, and traveling
  • Her students love learning random things about her – like the fact that when she was in kindergarten she wanted to be Spiderman when she grew up.
  • Her proudest moments are the times when a student on campus is excited to see her, oftentimes telling her that she’s “the best teacher in the world.” “I live for those moments.”
“I choose to teach at Fairmont because of the sense of community, as well as the drive for our students to succeed.”
DJ Clovis - Music Teacher Fairmont North TustinRunning to the Rhythm
DJ Clovis “I get to work with amazing staff, faculty, parents, and most importantly, students!”
  • Teaches music to all grades — from pre-kindergarten through 8th grade
  • Coaches (or has coached) football, basketball, and Run Club
  • Plays bass trombone
  • NJHS Conflict Resolution Coach
  • He has run 15 marathons and 4 ultra marathons.
“The best part of teaching at Fairmont is the autonomy — being able to create a program that fits all of my students. At Fairmont North Tustin, I get to help with a lot of different activities.”
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