Admissions Process

Admissions Overview

Our admissions team is dedicated to helping you make one of the most important decisions for your child’s life — choosing a school where she can learn, grown, and blossom into her most successful and authentic self. We invite you to meet our family of expert educators and lifelong learners, who inspire minds and empower dreams every day.

The Fairmont journey beings in preschool (starting at age 2) and continues through high school graduation. Our four Orange County campuses – three preschool—grade 8 and one high school – are unique learning communities, yet all share a common philosophy: researching, planning, and carefully implementing the most advanced curriculum, education technology, and instructional practices to offer your child the best possible learning experience.

Our accelerated academic program means that every student works at least one year ahead of grade level, as our low student-to-teacher ratio and extensive support services thoughtfully address every child’s interests and needs. In this nurturing, caring environment, award-winning arts, athletics, and leadership-building programs strengthen your child’s self-awareness, creativity, and confidence.

Please take this opportunity to meet our admissions directors, each of whom would be delighted to give you and your family a personal campus tour.

Thank you again for considering Fairmont Private Schools. We hope you will join our enthusiastic learning family.

Step 1 - Inquiry Form
Please complete our inquiry form to let us know about your interest in Fairmont Private Schools. A representative will then contact you to determine which campus best meets the needs of your family and to schedule a campus tour.
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Step 2 - Campus Tour
The admissions director will guide you around the campus and help you gain a better understanding of the Fairmont curriculum and learning environment. He or she will also discuss with you the individual needs of your child and the expectations you have and will provide you with an admissions packet at the conclusion of the tour.
Step 3 - Application
After reviewing the admissions packet, you will need to complete the required application for enrollment and submit it to the Admissions Office.
Step 4 - Assessment
Upon receipt of all required documents, you will be contacted to schedule an assessment, which the Admissions Committee will use for consideration in its enrollment decision.
When you invest in a Fairmont education you are investing in a transformative educational experience and one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Fairmont is committed to fostering a safe and open community with students from a wide variety of backgrounds.
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Contact our Admissions Team

Anaheim Hills Campus
Mrs. Jennie Han
Historic Anaheim Campus
Mrs. Audra Alvarado
North Tustin Campus
Ms. Alexandra Pesko

2019–2020 Tuition

Student Grade Annual Tuition Rates
Preschool Half Days
Three Half Days (M-W-F) – Anaheim Hills & Historic Anaheim Only
Five Half Days (M-F) – Anaheim Hills & Historic Anaheim Only
Preschool Full Days
Three Full Days (M-W-F) – Anaheim Hills & Historic Anaheim Only
Five Full Days (M-F) – Anaheim Hills & Historic Anaheim Only
Five Half Days (M-F) – Anaheim Hills Only
Five Full Days (M-F) – All Campuses
Junior Kindergarten – Kindergarten $17,600*
Grades 1 – 5 $18,980*
Grade 6 $19,960*
Grades 7-8 $21,710*
Grades 9 – 12 $24,970*

Full Tuition Information