Elementary Education Program


Watch Your Child Flourish at Fairmont

With over 60 years of educational experience, students at Fairmont Private Schools receive individualized attention and benefit from an advanced curriculum. As a result, they accelerate in math and language arts.

Elementary education is the crucial time when students develop a lifelong love for learning. In addition to their regular curriculum, Fairmont values the importance of specialty teachers and classes.

These teachers engage students, getting them enthusiastic about studying important subjects such as computer science, robotics, debate, theatre, art, music, physical education, and student government.

A Fairmont education consists of blending technology and traditional classroom culture to create a superior curriculum that inspires young students to develop a passion for their education.

Every year we exceed expectations by taking students with average and above average abilities and help them to achieve their highest potential.

Mr. Jackson, Chairman & CEO
  • WASC & AdvancED accreditation
  • Fairmont’s 8th grade students read above grade level.
  • Character education incorporated into the curriculum to give students a framework for making smart decisions.
  • Extracurricular programs offered on each campus to create well-rounded students.
  • Accelerated Math and Accelerated Reader programs allow students to learn and advance at their own pace.
  • Art, computer lab, music, foreign language, science lab, P.E., and library classes incorporated into curriculum
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