Discover the next exciting phase of your child’s development
and what Fairmont Private Schools offers. Join us at one of our
upcoming Discovery Nights.

In response to the worsening COVID-19 situation, and in accordance with state guidelines, open house events scheduled at the Anaheim Hills on Friday, March 13 and Historic Anaheim on Friday, March 20, have been canceled.

We take this proactive step in an effort to keep you and our community safe. There is no evidence of this virus in our schools.

We appreciate your interest in joining our community of stellar students, excellent educators, and compassionate staff and we will continue to enroll students for Fall 2020. We will be conducting virtual tours and online meetings with our Admissions Directors in place of on-campus visits.

Four Campuses One Fairmont
Fairmont Private Schools provides students with the resources they need to pave their paths toward success. At Fairmont, we create confident leaders and lifelong learners by providing access to opportunity.??

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